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In Celebration

The Widman family invites you to join them in Green Valley the weekend of June 9th to celebrate Dennis Cooper Widman and the reunion of Dennis and Christine in the stars. The timing marks their 58th wedding anniversary and will honor not only Dennis's life of service to his country, to his family and to preserving the beauty of nature and all its creatures, but also to the commitment and life he shared with his beloved, Christine. Together we'll remember Dennis, sharing our favorite stories and memories, breathing in the calm, peaceful scent of the mesquite, oak and pines of Madera Canyon. We hope you can join us for this special gathering.

Celebration of Life Picnic Brunch

Please join us for an informal picnic brunch in Madera Canyon, one of Christine and Dennis's favorite Southwest hiking spots, for a celebration of life honoring Dennis Cooper Widman. Together with family and friends, we'll share stories, food, and company remembering Dennis and Christine.

More info to come.


WHEN:    Sunday, June 9th 9:30 AM

WHERE:  Whitehouse Picnic Area, Madera Canyon

Map & Directions

S Madera Canyon Road, Green Valley, AZ 85614

Visit website for more information:

Coronado National Forest


For park information call: (520) 281-2296


Hotel accommocations

Canoa Ranch Golf Resort 


Tubac Country Inn

Tubac Golf & Spa Resort

There are also a handful of budget hotels in the area near Green Valley and Airbnb rentals in neighboring Vail and Sahaurita.


In Celebration of Christine and Dennis Widman

“When you've found another soul who see's in to your own...take good care of each other..and remember to be kind..”
                                                      ― Jackson Browne

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